Today, we met Mr. Khor

Today, we had the chance to meet the mastermind and designer behind the iconic mosaic playgrounds – Mr Khor, for the second time. This time round we had more time to have deeper conversations with him, and that satisfied many our curiosities.

We met at the Toa Payoh dragon playground and sat nearby under the tree shade, here’s where we exchanged our memories with Mr Khor’s stories about these playgrounds.

Here, Mr Khor shared with us his photos of the original playgrounds on their actual sites (taken from 70s-80s). Look at this dragon playground! This was the first draft to the dragon design, but because replicating it in life-size turned out to be a bit of a challenge – Mr Khor explained that he had to modify and change the design to the one that we are seeing today. Mr Khor had to make use of square grids, to redraw his dragon design in proportionate ratio, so that construction could be made easier. Knowing this, we were totally enlightened and blown away by the thoughts and details behind these legandary art sculptures!

We also showed Mr Khor our collection of these mosaic playground photos that we had shot over the years, we started this collection back in the year 2004, sharing with him the memories we had. We also had the honour to have him signed on the pins that we made as a tribute.

These are the original technical architectural blueprints (dated 1984!) of our favourite iconic playgrounds! These were so intricate!

(in the 3rd last photo) Does anyone remember, or has seen this giraffe mosaic playground before?! We haven’t! This must have looked amazing in actual life size playground huh!

When we asked Mr Khor which was his favourite playground after designing so many, he humbly said he didn’t have one. Simply because each playground served a different purpose and every child has their own favourite playground, and that in itself made Mr Khor happy.

And finally in the last photo – meet Mr Khor himself! It was a real honour to have this opportunity to meet and have a chat with him. Meeting him was like that missing puzzle piece that was finally found! He completed our mosaic playground fairytale.

Today, we felt like kids again, and it felt awesome!